CBC News, October 18, 2010
“thieves made off with more than 3,300 heavy machinery including backhoes, bulldozers and loaders in 2009…   … 70% unrecovered”
Security guards are available as uniformed or plain-clothed to provide an on-site deterrent for theft, vandalism, or any other property damage. These licensed guards are scheduled on a limited time basis for a fixed duration and are typically used on assignments.

Enhance your Security Coverage with Remote Patrol!

Combine and blend any of the available tools listed on this web site to deliver the “perfect fit” to your organization.


Surveillance Cameras

These cameras can be placed in strategic locations within the construction site where they can be remotely monitored or simply recording footage.

Mobile Patrol Checks

A marked company patrol car visits your facility, where the patrol driver inspects the security condition, reports and/or handles any issues.

Services Include

  • Security Consulting / Risk Analysis
  • Special Event Security
  • Labour Dispute Security
  • Loss Prevention Guards
  • Investigative Services
  • Close Protection
  • Electronic Sweeps
  • Mobile Patrol/Alarm Response
  • Secure Transport


  • 16 Orfus Road Suite 201
    Toronto, ON
    M6A 1L6
    (647) 478-8376
  • Sales
    Peter Kopelis
    (647) 478-8376 Option 1

Sales & Operations + Certified Training Academy

  • 4528 Bridge Street
    Niagara Falls, ON
    L2E 2R7
    (905) 356-7475
Certified Security Guard Training Information

24 Hour Dispatch & Network Monitoring Center (NMC)

  • (866) 837-7475
RISK Protection Group Toronto - Remote Patrol
  • Scheduling & Operations
    (519) 914-5279 Option 2

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