The Top 4 CCTV Security Mistakes And How To Avoid Them


Whether you are protecting your home or business premises, closed-circuit television (CCTV) should be an essential component of your strategy. While many homes and companies used CCTV equipment, they frequently make mistakes that compromise the effectiveness of the system. If you are interested in learning how to improve the security of your house or workplace, here are the four most common CCTV mistakes and how to avoid them. How many are you guilty of?

Mistake #1. Using CCTV As A Video Verification System

Most security firms who are hired as consultants discover that the vast majority of CCTV systems are actually being used as video verification systems. For example, a company office will have its own intruder and fire alarm system while the outside forecourt or car park has a separate CCTV system. This is an extremely outdated and ineffective use of CCTV. By amalgamating or integrating the two systems, the premises will benefit from a far quicker response time to any intruder alert. A common way that businesses and homeowner accomplish this is to pay for remote CCTV surveillance. This involves paying a monthly fee to have trained personnel monitor the video feed for any activity.

Mistake #2. Failing To Link CCTV With The Alarm

Many users of CCTV are missing out on its full potential by failing to utilize the latest software to connect the CCTV system with the alarm. Software solutions such as ‘Mastermind’ let trained video operators remotely view CCTV footage in real-time and activate the alarm system on the premises in the event of a break in or intruder. If you are looking to maximize the potential of your existing CCTV system, upgrading it by linking it with your intruder and fire alarm systems is the most effective solution.

Mistake #3. Mistaking Visual Verification For Video Verification

Forward thinking companies who have seen the potential of professional remote monitoring of their CCTV feed may in fact be making a serious error. While genuine visual verification tools and analysis software is quite similar to video verification, there are stark differences and the two shouldn’t be confused. Visual verification is usually the more cost effective option as it will transmit a couple of still images from the CCTV system when an intruder is detected. Video verification transmits chunks of actual video footage. This gives a far more detailed and comprehensive insight into activities on the premises. This increases the probability that the correct response will be taken. Sending video is more expensive because it takes more bandwidth to transmit.

Mistake #4. Failing To Securely Store Video Data

A common error for many businesses and homes presently using CCTV is that they keep the video data stored on site. This causes tremendous difficulties should an intruder decide to search for and destroy the recording equipment. The best solution to help avoid this mistake is to outsource CCTV monitoring to a Network Monitoring Center (NMC). This facility will securely store the video data on their premises so that even if the location of the CCTV camera is compromised, the data will remain safe.

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