The Places I Fitted my CCTV and Why


I recently asked for a quote to fit a CCTV camera in my home, and was pleased to hear that the purchase of 2 cameras would entitle me to 2 free cameras. Originally I had only wanted one that pointed at my front door, but I was tempted by the offer and asked for time to think about the option. That evening my wife and I discuss the quote, and we also discussed whether we wanted so many cameras, and where we could put them. Here are some of the places we decided we could use the cameras.

The Front Door

This was the original area for the camera, and we felt it to be necessary as a security measure as I am regularly away from home. The camera was to be fitted to show a picture on the main TV and would enable my wife and children to see who was calling, and assess any possible risk. As our first choice it was top of the list and a good place to start.

The Garden

Once we had started discussing the cameras, it became obvious that we were both concerned about our children’s health and safety. We realised that we were both a bit worried about the time our older children spent unsupervised, and the potential for distance supervision that the cameras could give. The garden is a particularly perilous place, and though we tell the kids to keep away from the pond and to not climb the trees, kids will be kids. With a camera overseeing the garden, my wife and I can keep an eye on it nd address any likely accidents before they occur.

The Play Room

Our children are lucky enough to have a playroom that is full of toys, a big sofa, TV etc, and they use it every evening. Although we enjoy the opportunity to relax together, we are aware that the children often argue about things and fight over little issues. These things escalate from nothing, but if you can see that something is about to explode you can nip it in the bud, or calm things down. Since having the CCTV fitted in the playroom things have become a lot quieter, and the addition of a buzzer to the room lets the kids know I can see trouble is brewing.

The Baby’s Room

This is an obvious choice for CCTV, and means that we can keep an eye on our little one without having to get up every 20 minutes. Young babies can be a constant worry, but this is a great way to alleviate some of that worry. We decided to have sound fitted in the nursery as well as the camera, and I often find my wife sitting on the sofa watching and listening to our baby while she is drinking a cup of coffee. An added bonus we have found is that we can even go out in the evening and look at picture from the nursery on our smart phones, meaning no anxious calls to the babysitter.

Perhaps as I get older I will need to think about my children’s privacy, but for the moment ensuring they are safe and happy is my only concern. As for fitting 4 cameras; I’m not sure that 4 are enough.

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