Retail SecurityRisk Protection Group recruits and develops its own retail security program under the experience and supervision of security professionals who specialize in Loss Prevention. We develop Retail Loss Prevention Strategies based on your needs.

Our Retail Security consists of :

  • Trained, licensed, and fully insured investigators operating throughout Southern Ontario
  • Surveillance and apprehension of thieves in your store
  • Retail Security Training
  • Investigators handle all aspects of the case: surveillance / apprehension / police involvement / court
  • Civil Recovery conducted on your behalf
  • 24 x 7 on-call Supervisors
  • Quality Assurance program developed to ensure client satisfaction
  • Flexible shifts / Schedules that match client needs / No long term commitment

Our retail security services are monitored by a series of area managers, who bring personalized attention to the needs of our clients within each geographic region and who are available to respond quickly to special requests.

Shrinkage affects your organization, employees and customers; it is our job to minimize your loses, deter and educate everyone and have an impact on those involved in shrinkage.

Introducing Civil Recovery and Retail Security

Civil Recovery is a program offered by RISK in partnership with Aclaim Inc. to assist retailers in obtaining monetary compensation for the financial losses caused by shoplifters. These losses may include the value of missing or damaged merchandise, as well as the cost of security measures such as floorwalkers and CCTV. It is very important to note that civil recovery does not replace criminal prosecution – it is a separate procedure which works alongside the criminal process.

How Does it Work?

Civil Recovery begins with a Notice, which is presented to the shoplifter at the time they are apprehended. This Notice makes a demand for payment from the shoplifter (or their parent or guardian). The Notice also explains the purpose of the payment, and makes it clear that if payment is not made a claim may be filed against the shoplifter in civil court – a far more expensive process for the shoplifter or parent than simply paying the requested amount. Prior to any court action, the Notice is followed by two Demand Letters and telephone contact.

What is the Cost ?

Civil Recovery is self-financing – you pay nothing at all. The amount demanded from the shoplifter is typically in the area of $600.00. When a payment is made 40% – about $240.00 – is provided to you, while the remainder is retained by Aclaim Inc. as compensation for its efforts on your behalf.

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Are Criminal Charges Required for Civil Recovery to be Used?

No. Civil courts and criminal courts have very different standards of proof. Even someone who is acquitted of charges in criminal court, where the standard is proof “beyond a reasonable doubt,” may be found liable for damages in a civil court, where the standard is proof “on a balance of probabilities” (as happened in the O J. Simpson case). What this means in practice is that the police may decide not to lay criminal charges against someone because they don’t think they can meet the higher standard of proof, while in a civil court it is still possible to have that same person found liable. Where civil liability is possible, the Civil Recovery system can be used.

Note: In 1996, claiming of civil damages from shoplifters was affirmed by the Ontario Divisional Court in the case of Hudson’s Bay vs. White. This allowed retailers to civilly sue shoplifters outside of criminal proceedings for the purpose of recouping losses associated with shoplifting.

Civil Recovery, used in conjunction with our retail security services, is an essential
component of a successful, cost-effective shrink-reduction strategy.

  • No set-up cost
  • Allows retailers to recover some of the losses associated with shoplifting
  • The money obtained in the Civil Recovery process can help pay for other loss prevention measures.

Services Include

  • Security Consulting / Risk Analysis
  • Special Event Security
  • Labour Dispute Security
  • Loss Prevention Guards
  • Investigative Services
  • Close Protection
  • Electronic Sweeps
  • Mobile Patrol/Alarm Response
  • Secure Transport


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