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VIP Security Services Torontobodyguard services toronto

Risk Premium Bodyguard Services provide corporate, celebrity, and private clients with a full range of discreet, personal and professional Executive Protection Services. Our Executive Protection Division has extensive experience and maintains a network of affiliations with proven security partners that allow us to provide protective services throughout the world.

Risk Protection Security Service, works with each of our client’s representatives to plan all security logistics for short term and long term domestic and international visits.

Risk Protection Security Services believes that providing personal protection is an art, not a science, as no two protection details are the same. Our approach to providing personal, property and estate protection, sets us apart from other companies in the industry. Risk Protection believes that our services should encompass more than a presence. We understand that lifestyle, corporate culture, family, and other considerations make each principal’s needs unique. Our personnel are highly trained to be interactive facilitators. Risk Protection Security Bodyguards professionally ensure that all aspects of the client’s protection and security are addressed.

Risk Protection implements customized bodyguard planning to establish the optimal level of security for the individual for international travel, and special event security also.

Executive Protection

Today’s global executives, high-profile individuals, and celebrities, are faced with unprecedented corporate and personal risks requiring a higher level of security planning, coordination and management Risk Protection In Canada, offers a full range of discreet, personal and professional Executive Protection Services. Celebrity Security, and Bodyguard Services Toronto are designed to minimize risk while maximizing protection and mobility.

Many senior executives, business, dignitaries and celebrities are frequently under-protected in light of the critical value they bring to their organizations and the potential threats to which they inherently become exposed.

Similarly, high-net worth individuals often do not fully recognize that their wealth and prominence may expose them and their families as potential targets for criminal acts such as kidnapping, extortion and robbery.

The need for executives and high-net worth individuals to move swiftly and securely throughout today’s Risk’s business arena often overburdens the capabilities and resources of most corporate security departments. Risk Protection Security implements customized executive protection planning to establish the optimal level of security for the individual at home, at work and while on travel or in public.

Secure Transport

bodyguard services Torontobodyguard services torontoVIP Security Services Toronto

Risk Protection provides secured transportation in and throughout Canada. Risk Protection is driven to provide superior secured transportation service. Our SUV’s and un marked vehicles in Canada will exceed your every expectation. Our SUV Service in Canada delivers exceptional attention to detail, ensuring that you will travel safely, comfortably and confidently.

Risk Protection is more than Canada’s leading security services Company, we’re a team of professionals committed to enabling your success by delivering a highly personalized level of service that exceeds your expectations. Our objective is nothing less than mission-critical reliability, a level of consistency and safety that is second the industry.

Close protection, Executive Protection Training (VIP) Training

VIP Security Services TorontoVIP Security TorontoExecutive Security Services Toronto

Our training program offers seven (10) intensive days of more than 80 hours of instruction, with a minimum of theory and an emphasis on practical hands-on learning and realistic exercises.

Each student participates in learning sophisticated, innovative skills and techniques pertaining to personal performance on protective assignments.

The program provides an experience unmatched in the security industry

  • ACTUALLY PERFORM a protective assignment with a principal in a real world environment.
  • PREPARE for an overnight estate or hotel protection mission.
  • DISCUSS career field and business operations in personal protection. What to include and How to prepare and present a professional personal resume.
  • BE TAUGHT how to handle paparazzi, media and friendly or aggressive approaches from fans.
  • OPERATE a provided motor vehicle, employing original defensive, offensive, motorcade and escort driving techniques.
  • TAKE PART IN discussing, designing and planning risk management and threat assessment models and procedures for principal protection.
  • LEARN emergency medical assistance techniques for attacks or accidents and proper injured party movement methods.
  • TRAIN and become familiar with ballistics, chemical agents, protective vests and useful equipment.
  • CONDUCT house, office, vehicle and building searches employing state of the art techniques.
  • RECEIVE information on new protection technology with wireless alarm systems, and physical security concerns.
  • PRACTICE movements, signals, positioning, arrivals and departures in scenarios with principals, featuring one-on-one, two-on-one and team protective scenarios.
  • PARTICIPATE in presentations on clandestine explosive devices and learn to locate and identify them on vehicles and in buildings.
  • ACQUIRE the principles of orienteering, map reading and movements in emergency situations.
  • ACHIEVE a CPR Certification or renewal.
  • WORK on advance surveys and escort missions protecting principals in crowds and during actual vehicle movements throughout the area.
  • ENGAGE in unarmed Protection Response Tactics (PRT) for close-in protection problems, embarrassments and attacks.
  • OBTAIN contemporary knowledge about dress, protocol, placement, personal appearance, manners, conduct, dining, etiquette and relationships with others.
  • BE CHALLENGED in the development of preventive strategies, countermeasures and operational guidelines.
  • CONSIDER legal issues with respect to carrying and use of weapons, deadly force and defensive measures.
  • PLANNING and procedures for aircraft and yacht security; crew relationships.
  • BE AWARE of specialized protective methods for children, family members, visitors, household staff and in offices, on estates and during recreational activities.
  • RECEIVE information on personal health, nutrition, fitness and wellness.
  • GAIN knowledge of surveillance and practice counter surveillance techniques.

Red Carpet Security Services

Bodyguard Services torontoRed Carpet Security Services TorontoFilm/Movie and TV Location Security Guards Toronto

When your special event requires a more refined security presence, particularly when your event attracts media or a VIP audience, Risk Protection understands the nature and dynamics of such events and all that it entails. Risk Protection security personnel are individually trained facilitators who are able to participate in every aspect of special event security, health and safety.

Risk Protection Security applies a comprehensive approach and ensures a smooth successful event for you and your guests.

Film/Movie and TV Location Security Guards

When a member of the crew or public approaches a filming location, the first person they will encounter will be a Risk Protection Security Officer. He/She will be a security officer in a high visibility uniform and will be friendly, polite, as well as a vigilant. These first impressions are important and reflect upon the Film /TV set, the Location department and the Production as a whole.

Risk Protection security guards will protect your film production 24/7 and give you peace of mind. Risk specializes in providing security personnel who are able to work closely with producers, line producers, location managers and film crews to ensure equipment and facilities are secure. Security guards will provide cast and crew a safe environment. Risk will ensure that the film shoot is not disrupted by the general public, traffic or paparazzi. On a movie set, where time, in every sense of the term, is money; hiring Risk Protection will help to ensure shooting schedules are maintained, no matter what the location.

Services Include

  • Security Consulting / Risk Analysis
  • Special Event Security
  • Labour Dispute Security
  • Loss Prevention Guards
  • Investigative Services
  • Close Protection
  • Electronic Sweeps
  • Mobile Patrol/Alarm Response
  • Secure Transport


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Certified Security Guard Training Information

24 Hour Dispatch & Network Monitoring Center (NMC)

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