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The Places I Fitted my CCTV and Why


I recently asked for a quote to fit a CCTV camera in my home, and was pleased to hear that the purchase of 2 cameras would entitle me to 2 free cameras. Originally I had only wanted one that pointed at my front door, but I was tempted by the offer and asked for time to think about the option. That evening my wife and I discuss the quote, and we also discussed whether we wanted so many cameras, and where we could put them. Here are some of the places we decided we could use the cameras.

The Front Door

This was the original area for the camera, and we felt it to be necessary as a security measure as I am regularly away from home. The camera was to be fitted to show a picture on the main TV and would enable my wife and children to see who was calling, and assess any possible risk. As our first choice it was top of the list and a good place to start.

The Garden

Once we had started discussing the cameras, it became obvious that we were both concerned about our children’s health and safety. We realised that we were both a bit worried about the time our older children spent unsupervised, and the potential for distance supervision that the cameras could give. The garden is a particularly perilous place, and though we tell the kids to keep away from the pond and to not climb the trees, kids will be kids. With a camera overseeing the garden, my wife and I can keep an eye on it nd address any likely accidents before they occur.

The Play Room

Our children are lucky enough to have a playroom that is full of toys, a big sofa, TV etc, and they use it every evening. Although we enjoy the opportunity to relax together, we are aware that the children often argue about things and fight over little issues. These things escalate from nothing, but if you can see that something is about to explode you can nip it in the bud, or calm things down. Since having the CCTV fitted in the playroom things have become a lot quieter, and the addition of a buzzer to the room lets the kids know I can see trouble is brewing.

The Baby’s Room

This is an obvious choice for CCTV, and means that we can keep an eye on our little one without having to get up every 20 minutes. Young babies can be a constant worry, but this is a great way to alleviate some of that worry. We decided to have sound fitted in the nursery as well as the camera, and I often find my wife sitting on the sofa watching and listening to our baby while she is drinking a cup of coffee. An added bonus we have found is that we can even go out in the evening and look at picture from the nursery on our smart phones, meaning no anxious calls to the babysitter.

Perhaps as I get older I will need to think about my children’s privacy, but for the moment ensuring they are safe and happy is my only concern. As for fitting 4 cameras; I’m not sure that 4 are enough.

The Top 4 CCTV Security Mistakes And How To Avoid Them


Whether you are protecting your home or business premises, closed-circuit television (CCTV) should be an essential component of your strategy. While many homes and companies used CCTV equipment, they frequently make mistakes that compromise the effectiveness of the system. If you are interested in learning how to improve the security of your house or workplace, here are the four most common CCTV mistakes and how to avoid them. How many are you guilty of?

Mistake #1. Using CCTV As A Video Verification System

Most security firms who are hired as consultants discover that the vast majority of CCTV systems are actually being used as video verification systems. For example, a company office will have its own intruder and fire alarm system while the outside forecourt or car park has a separate CCTV system. This is an extremely outdated and ineffective use of CCTV. By amalgamating or integrating the two systems, the premises will benefit from a far quicker response time to any intruder alert. A common way that businesses and homeowner accomplish this is to pay for remote CCTV surveillance. This involves paying a monthly fee to have trained personnel monitor the video feed for any activity.

Mistake #2. Failing To Link CCTV With The Alarm

Many users of CCTV are missing out on its full potential by failing to utilize the latest software to connect the CCTV system with the alarm. Software solutions such as ‘Mastermind’ let trained video operators remotely view CCTV footage in real-time and activate the alarm system on the premises in the event of a break in or intruder. If you are looking to maximize the potential of your existing CCTV system, upgrading it by linking it with your intruder and fire alarm systems is the most effective solution.

Mistake #3. Mistaking Visual Verification For Video Verification

Forward thinking companies who have seen the potential of professional remote monitoring of their CCTV feed may in fact be making a serious error. While genuine visual verification tools and analysis software is quite similar to video verification, there are stark differences and the two shouldn’t be confused. Visual verification is usually the more cost effective option as it will transmit a couple of still images from the CCTV system when an intruder is detected. Video verification transmits chunks of actual video footage. This gives a far more detailed and comprehensive insight into activities on the premises. This increases the probability that the correct response will be taken. Sending video is more expensive because it takes more bandwidth to transmit.

Mistake #4. Failing To Securely Store Video Data

A common error for many businesses and homes presently using CCTV is that they keep the video data stored on site. This causes tremendous difficulties should an intruder decide to search for and destroy the recording equipment. The best solution to help avoid this mistake is to outsource CCTV monitoring to a Network Monitoring Center (NMC). This facility will securely store the video data on their premises so that even if the location of the CCTV camera is compromised, the data will remain safe.

Should Your Retail Firm Join The Rush To Civil Recovery?

Retail firms all over Canada have jumped on the Civil Recovery bandwagon in recent months and security firms offering this service have seen their client books almost burst at the seams. Civil recovery is turning out to be a highly effective way of fining shoplifters or recovering damages through a civil court. So, with ever-rising wages, energy prices and shrinkage, it is worth hiring a security firm to operate a civil recovery scheme in your stores?

What Is Civil Recovery?

6551534889_9c8ae52997 It’s a way of recovering your financial losses from people who steal from your stores. Security companies send out letters to shoplifters their guards catch demanding payment usually in the region of $600 to avoid the issue going before a civil court. Depending on the security firm you use, your store will receive up to 40 percent of all the money that the firm recovers. It does not replace the criminal process and no evidence of criminal guilt is required.

How Does it Work?

As a retailer, you simply have to hire a security firm to oversee your store security. They will provide personnel, monitor CCTV equipment and deal with the civil recovery process. From the moment they detain a shoplifter, the civil recovery process will be handled entirely by the security firm. There are no legal costs related to implementing the process for you as a retailer. The shoplifter gets handed a notice and will later be mailed a letter from a lawyer working on behalf of the security firm. The letter will demand a settlement amount and threaten the individual with legal proceedings before a civil court.

The Advantages Of Civil Recovery

The main advantage is that the scheme is a proven way to lower rates of theft in stores that implement it. There are no up-front costs and as the security firm keeps 60 percent of whatever they manage to recoup, recovery is self-financing. As a retailer, you stand to benefit from lower rates of theft, the chance to recoup some of your lost profits and the potential to earn enough money to put towards the cost of maintaining and upgrading other security features such as CCTV and tags.

Drawbacks To Implementing Civil Recovery

Choosing the right security firm is essential as you are effectively entrusting them with your customers and not all of those caught shoplifting are the serial offenders you might imagine. While many people caught will be serial offenders, there is a significant sub-set of ‘accidental shoplifters’ who you risk alienating. This group includes some of your loyal customers who honestly forget to pay for something. For instance, imagine a hardworking mother preoccupied with stress from problems at work, who fails to see her kid sit on a candy bar in the cart. Heavy-handed recovery tactics with the threat of court proceedings may scare this people in this group and cause you to lose them as customers. It is therefore important to only work with established security firms whose professionally trained security guards you can trust to act ethically at all times.

3 Ways To Catch A Cheating Spouse

If you feel that your spouse may be cheating on you, it is important that you reach out to friends and family for support. Without necessarily going into details you can let those in your life who care about you know that something is amiss and that you are having difficulties with your marriage. The important message here is not to bottle things up and try to face them alone, there is always someone who you can talk to and seek support from. If you want to confirm your feelings that your spouse may be unfaithful, here are three main options available to you.

#1. Look For The Signs

Every couple has different patterns of behavior but there are some signs that seem to be universal. Here are some of the signs you can look for if you feel your spouse may be cheating on you. • Trust Your Gut Feeling Very often you have an internal voice or feeling that something is amiss between you and your partner. It’s important you try to engage your spouse in conversation as a first step. • A Need For Privacy If your spouse assures you that nothing is wrong, one warning sign may be that they start to need more privacy. They may change their schedule, put a password on their phone or computer or simply leave the room to take a phone call. • A Change In Sexual Relations If your spouse has changed their mood or seems to be showing signs of a general malaise, unfaithfulness isn’t the only cause. You should always broach the subject gently and try to clear the air verbally.

#2. Use Monitoring Software

There are many computer programs and phone apps available to monitor or spy on your spouse if you believe they are cheating. It is worth getting professional guidance when choosing the right program because many programs will alert to your spouse to their existence if you fail to renew the subscription for example. In Canada, you can legally only install this software on computers and phones that you personally own. It would be illegal to install such programs on a phone or computer belonging to your spouse or a device owned by their company or workplace, for instance.

#3. Hire An Investigator

Private investigator firms are best placed to advise you about what, if any, software solution would be best for someone in your situation. They understand that putting a spouse under surveillance is a complex and delicate matter. You wouldn’t want a spy program to be discovered. By hiring an investigator to follow your spouse and document their activity, you can build a detailed understanding of whether you have any cause to be concerned. An investigator gives you much more than just a report with a DVD of their recordings. You will receive expert advice about what you could do yourself to build a picture of your spouse’s activities and behavior. As many investigators come from a police background, they will help keep you grounded by explaining what not to do and what lines you shouldn’t legally cross.

Surveillance Camera Options in Toronto

If you need to invest in new surveillance cameras for your business, it will be very important that you take enough time to see what exactly you have to choose from. Toronto will be able to provide you with lots of different options when it comes to these cameras, so you will need to take the time to look around and see what is available before investing in anything in particular. The more time you take to look into some of these options the better, because you will not want to choose the wrong one.

Businesses that need to keep an eye on what is happening in their stores and offices will definitely want to look very carefully through some of the different choices which they are going to have when it comes to surveillance cameras. You will be able to get cameras with night vision, motion detection, and high quality resolution. Before you make a final decision on anything in particular though, you will have to use the internet to your advantage and do as much research as possible on it. The more time you take to do this research, the better your chances will be of getting precisely what you need.

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