3 Ways To Catch A Cheating Spouse

If you feel that your spouse may be cheating on you, it is important that you reach out to friends and family for support. Without necessarily going into details you can let those in your life who care about you know that something is amiss and that you are having difficulties with your marriage. The important message here is not to bottle things up and try to face them alone, there is always someone who you can talk to and seek support from. If you want to confirm your feelings that your spouse may be unfaithful, here are three main options available to you.

#1. Look For The Signs

Every couple has different patterns of behavior but there are some signs that seem to be universal. Here are some of the signs you can look for if you feel your spouse may be cheating on you. • Trust Your Gut Feeling Very often you have an internal voice or feeling that something is amiss between you and your partner. It’s important you try to engage your spouse in conversation as a first step. • A Need For Privacy If your spouse assures you that nothing is wrong, one warning sign may be that they start to need more privacy. They may change their schedule, put a password on their phone or computer or simply leave the room to take a phone call. • A Change In Sexual Relations If your spouse has changed their mood or seems to be showing signs of a general malaise, unfaithfulness isn’t the only cause. You should always broach the subject gently and try to clear the air verbally.

#2. Use Monitoring Software

There are many computer programs and phone apps available to monitor or spy on your spouse if you believe they are cheating. It is worth getting professional guidance when choosing the right program because many programs will alert to your spouse to their existence if you fail to renew the subscription for example. In Canada, you can legally only install this software on computers and phones that you personally own. It would be illegal to install such programs on a phone or computer belonging to your spouse or a device owned by their company or workplace, for instance.

#3. Hire An Investigator

Private investigator firms are best placed to advise you about what, if any, software solution would be best for someone in your situation. They understand that putting a spouse under surveillance is a complex and delicate matter. You wouldn’t want a spy program to be discovered. By hiring an investigator to follow your spouse and document their activity, you can build a detailed understanding of whether you have any cause to be concerned. An investigator gives you much more than just a report with a DVD of their recordings. You will receive expert advice about what you could do yourself to build a picture of your spouse’s activities and behavior. As many investigators come from a police background, they will help keep you grounded by explaining what not to do and what lines you shouldn’t legally cross.

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